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This system involves transferring the costs of purchased goods or services electronically via the ATM card. It is a substitute service for traditional payments and cash. Payments via this electronic means are done using the ATM cards (Friend card, Student card and the other ATM cards issued by local banks).

How can salesmen or merchants get the P.O.S services?
By contacting the sales department at the Bank on this number…. to make an appointment to sign the contract either coming in person to the department or the department will send a representative on its behalf.

  1. Expanding the customers' base by providing payment services via local ATM cards as well as benefiting from the advertising campaigns carried out by Jumhouria Bank to promote for this service.
  2. Further security by avoiding the risks of keeping cash money inside shops.
  3. Dealers, salesmen and merchants will maintain a competitive edge over others who do not use the service.
  4. Eliminate the situation involving payments in small amounts using small coins.
  5. Transactions are settled electronically by depositing sale values directly in your account.
  6. Maintaining data bases for merchants and salesmen for previous sales, as well as the ability to review and correct any mistakes in this regard.
Required Documents:
  • Certified photocopy of the profession license verified by Notary Public.
  • A recent statement verifying the ID number from the Civil Status at the Municipality.
  • Photocopy of the Passport.
  • 2 Personal photos.
  • Signing the contract at the sales department at the Bank.