Education Transfer

Remittances to pay study fees
Whether your transfers are incoming, outgoing to and out of Libya, Jumhouria Bank is the best placed to execute such transactions in speedy manner and with the lowest costs via a vast network of corresponding banks including the largest global banks. We can transfer study remittances to anywhere around the world using the fastest means of communication.
Terms and Required Documents
A photocopy of non- expired passport for the holder of the account and the beneficiary.
The ID number of the holder of the account and the beneficiary.
A photocopy of the personal ID of the holder of the account.
A receipt of the academic semester's fees certified by the university and the Libyan Embassy at the foreign country.
A letter s to certify enrolment and registration for the current semester.
A statement approved by the Libyan Embassy stating the student is studying on his own costs.
Valid and stamped entry visa plus valid residency card for the beneficiary.
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