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  6. The details and content in this website including texts, charts, links or any other content are to be given as is; therefore, Jumhouria Bank doesn’t guarantee the accuracy of these information or convenience for the intended purpose. The Bank is not liable to any incorrect details / omissions in the content whether expressed implicitly, explicitly or legally no matter what kind of information they are, for example but not limited to, guarantees related to violation of the rights of third parties, right of ownership, possibility of information marketing, convenience for usage and being virus-free.
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The above Terms and Conditions are subject to the Libyan laws and regulations, and do not contradict the principles of Sharia’. In case of conflicts related to this website, the dispute shall be referred to the Libyan Courts in Tripoli. If any of these terms and conditions is not enforceable or applicable, the implementation of the remaining terms and conditions will remain valid.