Medical Transfer

Remittances to pay expenses of medical treatment
This service is established at Jumhouria Bank to facilitate the payments and costs of medical treatment outside Libya. The Bank maintains a network of the best bank correspondent banks around the world to ensure speedy and accurate transfers through secure and sophisticated systems and devices.
Terms and Required Documents
A photocopy of non- expired passport for the holder of the account and the beneficiary.
The ID number of the holder of the account and the beneficiary.
A photocopy of the personal ID of the holder of the account.
A recent voucher of invoice certified by the health facility and the Libyan Embassy at the foreign country; the remittance will be directed only for the benefit and favor of the health facility.
A medical report certified from the health facility abroad.
A medical original report stamped from a public Libyan hospital; photocopies are not accepted.
Valid and stamped entry visa plus valid residency card for the beneficiary.
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