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Jumhouria Bank (referred to as the Bank) offers the present website to its customers. By using it, the user agrees to abide by all the Terms and Conditions published on this page or on any other part of the website.

Terms and Conditions are permanently subject to change or modification, without previous notice, knowing that the entire website is under the regulations of Libya.

Some pages of the website related to services, features and benefits, and offers are subject to their respective Terms and Conditions, upon which the user should agree. However, in the case of contradiction between them and the general Terms and Conditions, the one relevant to services, features and benefits, and offers take effect.

Recruitment applications: All vacancies will be announced on the website where the users can enter and fill in the recruitment application and provide the Bank with the personal information required. Whereas the Bank is aware of the privacy of such information, it treats all the data with high security and never discloses them to any third party except its own consultants, who abide by the Bank’s privacy and security agreements.

Jumhouria Bank includes links of other suppliers and third parties for the users to benefit from their products or services. However, the Bank is not responsible of the procedure the third parties adopt when requesting the users’ personal information. Therefore, we recommend you as a user review the privacy and security policy of each link you log in to. In fact, when you log in to third parties’ websites, you will not be subject/or under the security and privacy zone provided by Jumhouria Bank. Moreover, the Bank is not responsible of their websites’ content and does not represent the third parties or the user in any case even while they both deal together to perform a transaction.

The user does not have the right to copy or save any part of this website, unless it is for personal use only. In this case, he has to save the copies and keep all the copyrights signs, notes and notices as per the original pages.

The user is also forbidden to copy any part of this website on other web pages or save it on any other public or private electronic system for data collection reasons, without previous written permission from the Bank.

Apart from a text stating the opposite, all the trademarks, brands and slogans displayed on the website are considered of the Bank property and the user is forbidden to copy or use them, without previous written permission from the Bank.

Website availability: The Bank tries to maintain the website available 24/7 but it is not responsible of any opposite situation due to any reason and for any period of time. The website might be temporarily unavailable, without short notice.

Accuracy and guarantee: The Bank deploys all its efforts to ensure the correctness and accuracy of all the displayed information. However, it does not guarantee the accuracy, the timing and the completion of this information at any time, knowing that all the content is published, “As is” and without any restrictions or guarantees or other kind of regulations.
Responsibility definition: the Bank is not responsible, in any case, of the damages or losses related, but not necessarily limited, to damages, losses or expenses whether direct or indirect, private or associated or accidental, which are related to the website or its use or impossibility to use by any given party, or related to any performance failure or deficiency or disconnection or operational delay or late sending or viruses or system and connection failure, even if the Bank or its representatives were informed of such possibilities.

All Rights Reserved to Jumhouria Bank
The Bank is the only owner of all copyrights related to the pages, the display screens, the content and information included, and the style of publishing them, unless it is stated otherwise.